Autotune in flight and other questions
  • Hi All

    I want to run an autotune in flight, as I hope this will give me a superior tune in terms of reducing self excitement in prop wash. I have set the R/C Command to autotune and it responds correctly, but is there a way to tell the board which axis to tune? I -presume- I will get better results tuning one axis at a time, is this still the case for the latest encoder firmware?

    Secondly, I see the option for 'update LPF', Do I need to turn the LPF's on before tuning, or can I turn it on after the autotune has changed them?
  • You can have the autotuning to tune the LPF. If you change LPF manuallly likely PID need to be retuned.

    Why not connect over BT for testflight. You get also plenty of other useful information via the GUI. Just be sure not to rely on GPS only. Unlikely, but BT could cause interference to it.