I2C Sensor Connection Failure - IKAN EC1
  • Hello,
    My EC1 Gimbal has lost its mind. Symptoms include: Pitch and Roll Motors are not activating at all. Yaw is alive but does not respond to (Built in Joystick) input and then starts spinning and shuddering.
    I was lead here by the internet, downloaded and installed Simple BGC32 (Windows). I have successfully made a connection to the EC1 but, I get this error/warning in RED: "SENSOR IS NOT CONNECTED; SERIAL DATA CORRUPTED". Below that there is more about Turning the power Off and checking the I2C SENSOR CONNECTION. I have no idea how to do that and I am unable to WRITE anything to the Gimbal / Board.
    Thank You - FRED
  • Make sure you have a good USB cable and drivers correctly installed on your computer. Do not connect power to the gimbal, just USB and connect GUI. You need to get the gimbal working with the GUI first.
  • I think it is connected but as I'm new to this, I'm not %100 sure. I see a reading in the lower right-hand corner about the battery state that seems to be accurate.
    How do I know if I have the correct drivers? Is it possible that I have an intermittent connection?
    At one point I was also seeing real-time readings in the GUI, in the "YAW METER" as well as "graphs" in the Monitoring section. However, I don't see any YAW information at the moment. I have just now seen a No response on CMD_READ_FILE command.
  • And THANK YOU!
  • You Have some weird stuff going on. You should not see "SERIAL DATA CORRUPTED" and you should see realtime data. If that is working the GUI connection and drivers are ok. Also make sure you use same version of GUI and FW.

    Was your gimbal working? what happened. Sounds like your hole basic setup is wrong.

    Make first sure the GUI is ok connected, gimbal not powered, move the camera, does the indicators move logically on the right side of GUI? they should. If not, you need to see what has happened to your basic setup.

    If you see any I2C errors, you need to fix that first (after getting the GUI working)

    In any case, it sounds you need to get some assistance or familiar with the users manual. This might help also http://www.levitezer.com/blog/files/961caec8b987076efd2f7ec37ca6bea0-27.html
  • Thank You Garug.
    The Gimbal DID work. Then one day it didn't. No drops or shocks and I did not try to tweak it in any way.
    When you say "Not Powered" are you saying not plugged into power or do you mean COMPLETELY OFF? IE: Battery Removed?
    Without turning the power ON, I don't get any connection to my PC at all.
    I will try different USB cables and Thank you for the Link.

    Cheers - FRED
  • Yes, No battery power, it should power from USB so that you get GUI connection. Motors will not power from USB, but the LEDs on board should come.
  • Ah ha! That is NOT happening. Bad (or incorrect) USB Cable?
    (I have tried on both a PC and a MAC)
    Also, the board is still INSIDE the Gimbal (Frame?) so, I cannot see the LEDs that are literally on the Board. Or are you saying that the little Status Display Screen (visible on the Gimbal Handle) should be lighting up?
    Do you refer to the Entire Device as "The Frame"?
    Should I disassemble the Gimbal so that I am able to see the board?

    Thank You - Fred
  • I can not say about that gimbal, how its LEDs work etc. but on board there should be LEDs that lid up when powered with USB.

    There is also many different boards and I do not know what is on that gimbal, but I think all reasent boards should be able to power up from USB so that GUI can be connected.

    You seem to have so many problems with your gimbal, that I would suggest finding localy someone that can help you with gimbals.
  • Thank you Garug,
    It seems that this thing is indeed "all messed up"!
    Thank you for helping me to confirm that fact. ;-)
    I will contact the manufacturer.
    Cheers - Fred
  • Hi sir , I have the same with my ec1
    what should I do ?