v2.63 encoder problem
  • Hi, I used paid encoder version 2.43 with a 2 axis AS5048 PWM encoder gimbal, which worked fine for months.

    Now I updated to encoder version 2.63B0 and do get permanently the problem that the encoder activation of the roll motor causes problems after pressing the Button "CALIB. EL. FIELD"

    The gimbal stops and I get the error message "Serial data corrupted;Emergencency stop: ENCODER CALIB.FAILED:wrong number of poles or inversion"
    Without activated encoder its working fine!

    The pitch axis is working with activated encoder! I changed the encoder and the motor...stil the same.

    Any ideas, please ??
  • sorry, the old one was 2.56B9 ...now just tested with 2.60B4 ...works perfect...so it cant be Hardware that causes the Problem. I did spent two days checking everything, but now it Looks like there is a Software Problem?!?
    Does it make sense to test 2.65 then?
  • Today I tested with another 2 axis gimbal, other Motors, same Encoders.
    I started with Version 2.59 and tried all Encoder versions, also the betas up to 2.65.
    2.59 and 2.60 worked fine after pressing "calib.el.field ".
    These versions showed a proper result, less energy consumption, much better stability.

    All later versions showed the same Problem with the error message after calib.el.field activation!

    Did the handling changed after 2.60, so that I am doing something wrong in general?
    Quite confused now ...
  • wrong number of poles or inversion, correct that.
  • Hi Garug and thanks for your answer.
    The numbers of magnets is correct, also the direction.
    Without Encoders activated it works fine!
    With the same settings in 2.56B9 and 2.60B4 the gimbal is working with Encoders. So no Basic error.
  • Have you verified that the number of poles is according the motor specification, if it is wrong it can work without encoders, but not with.

    Make sure you set all encoder parameters to zero before starting.

    Make sure also encoders work ok. see encoder raw data on monitoring. 4096 raw should corresponf to 90 degree movement.
  • The trick was to set everything back to zero in the encoder settings, otherwise you will get error messages and emergency shut off..THANKS !!!