Mavlink Gyro correction IDEA for "problem" fix
  • Would it be possible to implement a option for turning off the YAW Gyro correction but using the AHRS and GPS data of mavlink.
    I mean especially if the Flightcontrol and gps is mounted on the gimbal with the incedible ne feature "flightcontrol under outer motor", we have always problems with yaw drifting because of compass indifferences.
  • Hello,
    This correction is already applied in 2.63b0 firmware. If you have 2nd frame IMU - it should be mounted at the same position as flight controller (i,e, above outer or below outer). If you have no frame IMU - FC is used instead of it (you can monitor its angles by switching "FRAME IMU" in the monitoring tab).
    BTW, if FC is mounted in the "above outer motor" position, correction is also applied if you have encoder on the YAW motor.