Slip Ring 12.5mm
  • Hi
    How I can instal Slip Ring 12.5mm if encoder magnet is without hole?
    Problem is I can't remove aluminium cylinder from the motor!
    Can I drill 2 small hole in aluminium holder for wires ?
  • Sure you could drill holes, but what would it help? You need to have the wires trough the magnet for it to work, and that is not possible with the construction you have.

    The right question would be, do you really need slip rings?
  • Hi thank You 4 your answer.
    Yes slip rings make gimbal more comfortable than standard motor with wires.
    So really I can't do nothing with this motor?
  • These are gimbals that use brushless motors, why add brushes on form of slip rings, they are mechanically vearable part that will potentially cause problems.

    But ok, it is your design decision.

    If you want to use it with slip rings there is two options as I can see. Build gimbal without encoders, modify or change the encoder to model that works with slip rings. And the 3rd one ofcourse use different motor.
  • you need the model motor with ring magnet ! No issues here with slip ring for this motor.