CAN IMU Led fast blinking ?
  • Hi,

    I am using proboard with can imu all device are up to date.

    I wonder about the imu led behavior. It blinking fast on one proboard and slow blinking on another board.

    I did not find any informations on gui. Some could told whats going on ?

    Thank you for your help.
  • Radio test ? Someone heard me ?
  • Hi! CAN IMU blinks fast before the main program starts. That may mean that there's no physical connection to the main board, or the firmware isn't loaded. But it looks like your CAN IMU has firmware. Can you tell me how do you connect CAN IMU to another board? And how does it blink on it, short blink - long pause, or long blink - long pause? It would be great if you film a video.
  • Hi andrew,

    Led IMU is fast blinking with low pause.

    Basecam is 2.63B0, IMU is 1.1.