BGC 3.0 Two-Axis Gimbal Controller use with NodeMCU microcontroller
  • Hi everyone,

    I am trying to use this controller to control two brushless motors using pulse-width modulation. I am not familiar with how this is done. Is there any documentation of the proper frequencies and duty cycles that should be used? Even better, would it be possible to use the i2c protocol on the board to both control the two brushless motors and receive data from a connected accelerometer? I am trying to set an angle for yaw and pitch (two axes). Thank you in advance!
  • You need PWM pulse from 1000 to 2000uS, frequency is 50Hz. That is standard for most of Radio-Control devices. You can also use S.BUS or SUM-PPM protocol.
    Other way to interface with microcontroller is by using Serial API.
    Here are good examples to make it work with Arduino:

    I think it won't be very difficult to use it also with NodeMCU (with ArduinoIDE)