GBM 110-150T Motors - Whats the input voltage/amperage?
  • I am working with a friend trying to get these motors working for a 3-axis gimbal with this kit:


    I cant seem to find any torque-voltage-amp charts and not sure what voltage to run it at or what amperage is needed. Does it just not exist and you need to just shoot in the dark?

  • motor can handle up to 48V but the 32 bit BGC controller is only supports 22V
  • Great thanks for that!
  • So I powered up and it doesnt seem to be working. Communication to the computer is fine. But with power to the motors, the motors just seem to be magnetized on a step and not actually being controlled. Im not sure what he did before, but i read that powering USB without batteries can fry you controller.

    I cant seem to get the motors to respong to anything. Power 0 or power 150, "motors on and motors off" dont do anything. But the minute I plug the motor into the controller, it holds its steps. Im powering 19V witha regulator btw.
  • motor should still work with only 5V from the usb! So I would test each motor lead to see if the resistance is the same on each winding ! if it is not the same your motor is bad!