Does my Pilotfly gimbal work properly or not?
  • Hi, I just recently purchased Pilotfly Action 1 gimbal for my Sony X3000 action camera.

    This is my first gimbal and I have zero experience with these devices. I thought it would be easy and straightforward to use, but looks like I was wrong. Gimbal is working fine, except of when trying to flip the camera and put it below the stick. When stick gets into the horizontal position, parallel to the floor, it becomes jerky - I understand that this is fine as this gimbal cannot fully stabilize camera when both yaw and roll motors are in the same plane, right?

    But what is worse is that camera sometimes loses the correct orientation during a bit quicker flip movement. It can align at some weird angle, start facing backwards, become flipped, etc. After returning camera into the standard vertical position it will face backwards into the roll motor, or be flipped in pitch plane, or both. Clicking return-to-home on controller does not put it in the correct alignment, roll and pitch axes remains flipped. The only way to realign it is to turn the gimbal off and put it back manually. Do you have any ideas if and how this can be fixed? I tried to calibrate gyro and acc, but it does not help. Here is a short video of the problem:

    I wrote to Pilotfly and they did not tell much except that this is a normal gimbal behavior. They told that if I want to flip it, I need to turn it rightwards (!?), but the range of movement in this direction is limited by metal stoppers in the motors, so I physically cannot do this… Will you agree that this gimbal behaves normally from the video? May be I am misusing the gimbal?

    Thanks in advance!
  • "May be I am misusing the gimbal?" Yes :)

    try using it first normally.

    You should newer put it on position where pitch and yaw axis are close to each other, it will not work.