Can I use a 3 axis analog joystick (Pan,tilt,roll) with the 32bit extended board ?
  • I have a CH Products analog joystick I'd like to use to control gimbal from a few feet away. I believe it has 10k pots, which are roughly
    at 5k ohms when centered. I dont really want to go the wireless route for this...wired analog is just fine. Can I do it when using a 32bit
    Extended board with encoders ?? (It looks like the PRO controller has three analog inputs for this but cant tell about the smaller board.)

    thanks for any input..
  • Thanks AOPEN3434. Those all appear to be 2 axis....but I need 3 axes, (pan, tilt, and roll) all active at the same time. My Cineflex and a number of other higher end gimbals use a joystick
    that has three axes, in which twisting the joystick controls the third roll axis. Am I right in thinking that the BGC 32bit Extended has no input for external roll control ?
    Also, the PRO controller seems to show three analog inputs for pan, tilt, and roll. Is this correct?

  • No! your wrong use more than one joystick ! one for Z ,Y & button other joystick for X
  • I'm aware of that method but what I need is to be able to control pan, tilt, and roll all on ONE joystick.
    I have the joystick already : "" . The three axis version has three potentiometers for pan, tilt, and roll (twist). Would it not be possible to use it with the BGC 32bit Extended board. ? (can't use two joysticks...other hand will be busy with something else.)
  • no it will not work for you need 3V stick! impossible! joy sticks are all the same 2 axis only! your joystick has a beak out to another joystick or pot same thing as connecting 2 together ! I had this same type of joystick for but compatible with Alexmos for sale a while back discontinued now !

    For Z axis:
    • Break Out Torque: 0.022N·m (0.19lbf·in)
    • Operating Torque: 0.040N·m (0.35lbf·in)
    • Maximum Allowable Torque: 0.049N·m (0.43lbf·in)
    • Mechanical Angle: 90º
  • Seems like you're not quite understanding my question on the PRO controller, so let me phrase it this way: On the PRO controller, what is the function of the analog inputs on connector P11 of the Pro Interface Board ?
  • Also, you quoted:

    "For Z axis:
    • Break Out Torque: 0.022N·m (0.19lbf·in)
    • Operating Torque: 0.040N·m (0.35lbf·in)
    • Maximum Allowable Torque: 0.049N·m (0.43lbf·in)
    • Mechanical Angle: 90º"

    Those numbers are referring to the actual mechanical force required to twist the has nothing to do with the axis it might be controlling. If you could answer my previous question about the PRO controller it would really be helpful.


    Steve C
  • Both extended and pro seem to have 3 analog ports, so I do not see why not, but have not tested, I am using a separate processor to connect joystick and buttons over SBUS or Serial API, no need to worry about noise on the analog lines.
  • OK thank you very much.