LDO regulator (UVZ2W010MPD) output capacitor ESR not so small

  • Hello all. Thanks for taking up your time to read my post.

    I want to use the LDO regulator UVZ2W010MPD as the datasheet of http://www.kynix.com/uploadfiles/pdf9675/UVZ2W010MPD.pdf of ST. To buffer VOUT, I thought about buffering the output in addition with an aluminum capacitor of 6800 µF in parallel to the recommended 4.7 µF.

    But in the datasheet at page 10 (figure 14 and figure 15) it is described, that the ESR of the output capacitor must be bigger than ~0.3 ohm. Here is my problem, because an aluminum capacitor of 6800 µF often has only an ESR of a few milli ohm. In parallel to a ceramic capacitor the resulting ESR will be smaller than 0.3 ohm.

    Is it right, that this LDO regulator will not work if I put such a buffering capacitor in parallel with the output capacitor ?

    Can anyone help me ? I am very puzzled about this question. I do need your help.

    thanks in advance