• Hi!
    I am doing a Project for university about designing a platform for hyperspectral camera.
    I am on the selection phase of the controller of gimbal and I need to know what would be the best controller for mi Project (I`m a completely newbie in electronic).
    I would need a controller opensource or something that I could change a parameter in the Pitch angle which changes to half of the real value.

    The plan is to mount the camera horizontally on a fixed wing plane. The mirror and the camera will be mounted on a platform to avoid vibrations in a way the mirror could rotate in 1 axis (pitch).

    With this:

    The pitch movement could be corrected using the mirror.
    The roll movement could be corrected rotating the platform with the camera and the mirror.
    The yaw movement is not corrected, the overlap from the photos should be enough.

    The idea is to avoid heavy gimbal motors and structures in order to use it on fixed wing planes.

    Until now, I was seeing the Martinez controller (opensource completely) but I don´t find a fresh firmware and where I could buy it.

    On the other hand, I was looking for the Alexmos 32bits (sbgc) but I don't know if would be possible to make changes on its code.
    Do you have any advise to give me? Could you give me a hand? Any information will be appreciated.
  • The BaseCam controller is for camera stabilisation. The operation is based on the IMU (gyros/Accelerometer sensor) and it needs to be installed with the Camera and 1, 2 or 3 motors then stabilise the camera.

    The motors can not work independently of the IMU.

    It is not clear what you actually are after, but sounds that you need something else than a gimbal controller. But if it is camera you want to stabilise, BaseCam is perfect for that and provides well documented Serial API for fully controlling the gimbal.
  • I have played a little bit with an AlexMos board in the past and adjusted some pid. But I need to know if would be possible to make changes (and how) on its code ( for the output of the pitch angle be to half of the plane angle). It would work with brushless motors.
    Thank you for your attention!
  • I do not understand what you want to do, but the simple answer is no you can not make changes to the BaseCam code your self.