missing steps
  • hello everybody,
    i have a problem with my alexmos and i need your help,

    my controller is 32 bit with 2 imu ( frame imu and camera imu) and runs with 14.8 lipo,

    the problem is that in some possitions that i keep it stable i can feel something like a hit vibration and them i have a lot i2c errors and the gimbal lose all the motors steps and goes like crazy,

    i dont konw id this is a motor or imu or controller issue,

    do you have any ideas what happens?
  • I'd focus on solving the I2C error problem first. I suspect that the rest of the problems will go away when that is fixed.

    Maybe ferrite rings? Work on the wiring. Others probably have better suggestions for that than I do.
  • thank you for your answer my frined,
    i will install ferrite rings and hope to fix the i2c errors ,

    keep contact and i will write the news soon!
  • Eutico you are right!!!!
    i just installed ferrite rings on motors and the i2c errors and motor missing steps disappeared!
    i know that i am of topic but i will ask you your oppinions.
    where can i will buy bluetooth module for my alexmos controller ?
    i have bought 2 from ebay but they dont work....
  • Any HC-05 or HC06 will work. You just have to configure it.
  • thank you for your help r0sewhite.
    is there any tutorial about configuration?
  • rolling now...
    thank you very much for your help.