• Hello~friends! How are you today?
    I am not very good because I met some troubles when doing my project. So here I am to ask your guys some advice.
    I learn NRF24L01 not long ago and I bought one from internet: http://www.kynix.com/Detail/114168/NRF24L01.html .Recently I am confusing about this question a long time when I’m adjusting program.I hope I can find the answer from this forum.
    I send the program according to the adjusting way--disability response,disabled automatic re-transmission and receive channel 0 in the disability. If it can send successfully the STATUS should be 0*2e (46), there are not problem.
    However! ! The another fifo_status should be 0*11,but here just 0*01, what mean that TX_FIFO is no empty...so I add spi_rw_reg(flush_tx,0) which set before delivery mode when I sent the program.II have try it even add it in the main function, , , , , , Unfortunately,It’s always 0*01.I have no choice.
    Can any manipulator help me?