Unable to update firmware on FPV/Eachine 2-axis gimbal
  • I have an FPV 2-axis brushless gimbal, the controller board is labled "Basecam Electronics", with no model number or other identification. I would like to connect to my PC to update/calibrate it. I downloaded the latest SimpleBGC 32bit GUI software V2.6, and ran this on my Linux laptop. I had to install Java (JRE) to do this. I connected the gimbal to my laptop with a USB cable, and ran the software. The GUI started, it appears to connect to the gimbal alright over the USB port, but then I get an error message: "GUI vs. board version mismatch. Firmware version: 2.60 b4, GUI version 0.53 b4. You should run matching GUI version, or upgrade firmware." I would update the firmware if I could, but the program runs into a loop after clicking OK, and I have to terminate it from the command line.
    How do I upgrade the firmware, and what is the latest version that will work on this gimbal? I also have a Windows 10 computer, but I got the same error message using that computer as well.