AS5048A not concentric
  • Just an observation really. I have just received 3 AS5048A encoders on 31mm diameter boards. One would have hoped that the chip was exactly at the center of the board. Unfortunately on all 3 they are 1.1mm off center. (measured with USB microscope)
    The AS5048A documentation states in one place that magnet alignment is not critical but in another place it says it should be within 0.25mm.
    Its a bit disappointing and makes construction more difficult that the chip is non central to the round PCB and 4 mounting holes.
  • Could you put the link where you bought them?
  • Hello,
    Can you make a close-up photo of this board? We just checked several boards that we own, and have not found any problem.
  • Hello,
    CATII, Please, make a macro photo(s) of your encoder and attach here.
    Thank you.
  • Sorry Guys. I tried to figure out how to put a photo on here earlier.
    So how?
    Link to external site like photobucket?
  • Thank you. I see now that this board is not manufactured by Basecamelectronics. Our encoder is different: https://shop.basecamelectronics.com/product/as5048b-on-axis-magnetic-encoder/

    1mm of displacement can lead to big error and mailfunction of motor (it will work only in limited range of angles). Workaround may be to fix it by extending the mounting holes in proper direction and manually adjusting chip over magnet.

    You can write seller about this problem giving a link to this discussion.
  • Hi Alex. As Im 3d printing the gimbal its not too difficult to design in the offset. (see image) However I suspect many others may have got these encoders and not noticed the chip is off center. It really is terrible manufacturing. I wish I had seen that you were selling yours on this site before going to ebay.
    I dont have a contact for the producer, just the ebay seller, who I suspect may not be very interested in the problem.

    http://i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r685/VinceHolden/offset pitch arm_zpswuvxqskv.jpg

  • Where can i buy? i like to have one as well.