Updated Firmware From 2.4 to 2.6, Now Solid Red Light, no Connection
  • Hi everyone,

    I was digging around my room the other day and found one of my old gimbals, and figured i'd bring it up to scratch and get it going again. Pluggin it in was perfectly fine, everything was good, motors were working, both red and green LEDs were going, all happy. I had the 2.60 GUI which prompted me to update my boards firmware from 2.4-2.6. I went ahead and manually uploaded it from the install folder of the 2.60 GUI. It said that it had update successfully, but i noticed the green light had gone. Only the red light remained on, solid.

    I now can't connect to it, and no matter what, all i get is the solid red light. Unfortunately I can't remember what version of the board it is, but when i figure it out, I'll post a photo of it. Please help me!

  • That looks like 8 bit board, if so you should use 8 bit FW