Test another IMU, how to keep the calibration of the old one ?
  • Hi !

    I'm about to try another IMU but I would like to keep the calibration values of the old one if I decide to go back. Its currently soldered to internall wiring and also glued to the gimbal so it would be a pretty big job to make a new 6point temperature calibration.

    I guess the calibration values is stored in the controller? Is calibrations saved in a profile ?
    Would it work to just save the profiles and use those ?
  • It depends of the IMU and FW. In any case the IMU data is not stored with profiles.

    If you have CAN IMU the data can be stored on IMU. Otherwise you should have the option store IMU data available, if you are using older FW then not. On that case Save EEPROM.
  • So, if not CAN IMU then I loose the old calibration anyway, and need to do it again(if I decide to go back to the old one) ?

    [Edit]Found it, "Backup IMU Data" from the list menu.
  • Yes exactly, backup IMU and on older FW Save EEPROM