Help, I want reset and setmy gimbal!
  • hello, I bought a gimbal on ebay but I wanted to adjust the inclination to exclude from the gopro view the drone propellers. Using SimpleBGC suddenly unbalanced and after pressing: "USE DEFAULTS" now just marks the roll, the pitch is completely wrong. I have already tried to set both the gyroscope and the accelerometer but it does not work, and the gimbal produces a strange whistle. I'm really desperate, please help me!
  • If you did not store the profiles or EEPROM before seeing up the defaults, you need to see the users manual and perform complete setup.
  • How can i perform a complete set up? The gimbal has no instructions...
  • Now i set it, if the gimbal is attached to the computer, it works, if i detach it does not works and start to roll
  • See the manuals above. But it is strange if it works USB connected??