Copter 3.5 Mavlink Copter yaw follow

  • The gimbal always 'follows' the copter's yaw when, Arducopter's mount mode is set to RC Trigger.

    We need the yaw NOT to follow the copter but remain on whatever heading has been set by the remote controller regardless of the yaw of the copter, yet still be directable by the remote controller (like it normally does when not using MAV). Then only follow when a certain angle
    is reached.

    Is this possible? Is this an Ardupilot issue / setting?


  • yes it is very possible , No gimbal setting
  • Thanks, I will have a look at the Copter code and see if I can find the appropriate code.
  • Actually It just occurred to me, It is likely to be the SimpleBGC firmware.
    The firmware is listening to Mav and has the same settings as the Storm32. The Storm32 does not yaw with the copter.
  • Have same problem here, it looks like it is impossible to disable follow mode for Yaw when connected in mavlink. Really need to disable it because when in RC_Targeting the follow mode makes the image go back and forth on Yaw axis when all zoomed in.


  • The Arducopter firmware controls gimbal in two modes: providing angles for POV (point of interest), or controlling gimbal YAW relative to a frame (but ROLL, PITCH are still global angles).
    So I do not know a way to implement 3rd mode, when YAW angle will be global angle.

    The only way is to disable gimbal control in ArduCopter and pass RC signal directly to gimbal ans use gimbal's settings.

    Regards, Aleksey
  • Than if we disable gimbal control in Arducopter we have yaw drifting and pithc-roll drifting during acceleration.
    I think something should be done to have gimball controlled by abslute angles in all 3 axis but still give RC control to user. It would be a wonderful solution.

  • "Than if we disable gimbal control in Arducopter we have yaw drifting and pithc-roll drifting during acceleration." - no, you still have a data flow between ArduPilot and gimbal, and have all corrections. it just does not try to control gimbal (i.e. does not send CMD_DO_MOUNT_CONTROL)
  • That can be done still using Mavlink? If so can you please elaborate a bit more on how to do it?
    And i think we will loose the "point camera here" option that is very useful.