Encoders Instalation for someone that already have the basecam 32-bit board with i2Cimu
  • I'm updating an gimbal's structure (with gb85 motors) and i want to update the system (i have BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit with two i2c imu.)

    When I mounted the "old" system with SBGC 32-bit with the two I2C imu it was all very simple and easy.
    But now i would like to instal encoders for better performance with the system that i have and There's not much information about that, and what i see is very confusing (it was great a video with the instalation for all).

    Can i buy AS5048B encoders for my motors (will it make a big difference for the better)? Does anyone know from experience?
    Where can i buy them?

    Do i change the two i2c imu, after instaling encoders? Would be better update them to CAN IMU (1 or 2 sensors?) Do i use just one, or two sensors?

    The motor connections to the SBGC 32-bit is the same? The encoders connections (i saw on the manual) that can be connected by I2C or by PWM. I have an joystick already connected to the board so what is the best option? If i still use i2C could i connect the encoders by I2C? Can anyone inform all about the instalation, and what is best, for someone that already have the basecam 32-bit board?

    Please, please answer.
    Grateful for all the attention.
    With the best regards
  • Many of the questions are answered by reading the users manuals. It explains the difference between PWM, I2C and SPI interfaces, shortly. PWM is easy, I2C and SPI are prone for interference and cabling is more difficult but when done right it is better.

    Also the users manual explains about 1 and 2 IMUS, in short, generally you need only camera IMU with encoders. CAN IMU is better, but the older IMUS will work fine.

    The encoders what ever type you choose will require careful installation.

    Encoders will provide many advantages (explained on users manual) but not really make the gimbal more accurate. With GB85 you can get some more torque using 24 V. With smaller and lower resistance motor the difference is greater.

    If you get the new Extended version there is some new calibration that can help to make the GB85 smoother running motor. In general I would advice to use 28 poles or less. the GB85 is 42 poles and it introduces some problems, but if you are happy for the performance now, it will not be worse withencoders.