Magnometer placement
  • Hi,

    I am building a gimbal that will operate remotely from me for a number of hours and during that time will need to point in a specific heading direction but also will tilt up and down during that time.

    I have it stabilised well, as you can see in this video. The video also illustrates the camera (in its protective housing) pitching up and down on that axis.


    Over time, unsurprisingly, the yaw heading drifts slightly so I am going to install a magnometer to correct for the yaw drift in the manner indicated here:


    My query is about the placement of the magnometer on the gimbal. The article says it should be placed on the camera tray near the 2nd IMU, but obviously the camera tray will be deliberately pitching up and down, so will this cause it a problem within the software as the magnometer will also be pitching up and down?. The alternative would be to place it on the horizontal arm of the gimbal (the aluminium piece in the bottom right hand corner of the below picture). This would have the benefit of always being horizontal (as it doesn't pitch up and down with the camera tray), but the orientation of the magnometer and the 2nd IMU would change as they will be moving independently (albeit they will always be pointing with the same heading)


    Many thanks