Configurate BeStableCam SteadyGim 6 PLUS
  • Hi Guys, i am new in the "Gimbal Business" and i need some help. I hope my english is okay, i am from germany... :D

    So, i bought a BeStableCam SteadyGim 6 PLUS and i want to use with my Blackmagic Cinema Camera. So i balanced it on the Gimbal and tried a test. It worked, but not fine. So i installed "Simple BGC" Software on PC and connected it.
    I updated on the newest Firmware (that was a mistake) because i had no BackUp of EEPROM and profiles. But the shop, where i bought it, sent me the original files (i hope).

    So i restored it via PC. Now, when i start the gimbal, it is crazy shaking.

    Also, i cant configure PID and Motor Options from the Gimbal via PC. I click "MOTOR ON" the is a message that the motor is on, but the motor isnt on... I Dont understand why!?
    Battery is of and the gimbal i just connected via USB.
    Can i try Battery ON and USB? Or can i damage the board because of to much voltage maybe?

    Via the Smartphone App the MOTOR ON works, but i cant configure good via App and need the PC Options...

    Do you have practice with this modell? I tried long nights but without succes :( I tried to contact the producer but there is no reaction, via Mail or Facebook :(

    So far... thanks for reading and helping
  • I looked your Tutorials but i cant start the MOTOR via SimpleBGC...
    I click MOTOR ON and nothing happens...
    So its not possible to configure Motor Power und see how it works...
  • Is battery connected, any alarms on, enough power on the motors?
  • No, its just connected with USB.
    I dont know, the battery is connected, but not ON. Do you think i should try Battery ON AND USB?
    I dont want do destroy the board due to much Voltage...
    No Alarms.
  • The USB will not power the motors.
  • Yea, now it works.
  • Ok guys, i think i nearly got it.
    The Follow und Control Mode works now, nearly.

    Just the Motors are vibrating a bit to hard, its not "smooth" What i have to change? I played with MOTOR POWER but there is no change...
  • First save all your profiles and EEPROM, You could also take screenshot of the current PID.

    Also make sure that if voltage compensation is used, the voltage is calibrated.

    Then make sure camera is firmly attached, gimbal well balanced and do some PID tuning. If you have new enough FW version Auto tuning should provide pretty good result. Hold the gimbal in hand like when operating it when tuning (but do not move the gimbal)

  • I saved it.
    What is "Voltage compensation"?
    My FW allows AUTO MOTOR and AUTO PID.
    That worked fine. But i auto tuned it on the gimbal-holder.
    I will try it in hand and i will report here :)

    Does the vibrations comes from MOTOR or PID?
  • I do not have the user interface now in front of me, user manual will help to find the voltage compensation.

    If you did auto motor, make sure motor poles are as they should, you need to fix them by hand. If the basic tuning is already performed and the gimbal works fine, do not touch motor Auto.

    The vibrations comes from the hole system. fist you attach everything firmly, then you balance everything carefully, then you make sure you have the power you need and then you PID tune. The user manual helps to understand this too.
  • Okay, thanks a lot.
    I will check this and try again.
  • This is such a big help for me, i have the same issue. thanks guys!