Pole count and Encoder Confiscation GBM4108H 12N14P
  • Hi all. I am being driven mad with calibrating encoders on the above motor. I keep getting error. incorrect motor pole or invert .
    Iflight state 12N14P however if I set to 14 pole I get this error all the time. Auto suggests 23 or 24 pole. If I set at 24 pole then Encoder calibration works. stabilization is not the best.

    However, if I disable encoders and tune with 14 pole, very stable and works we.

    I have tried calibrating encoders with 24 pole. then set to 14 pole to tune but gimgal goes mad as soon as I set to 14 pole.
    The gimgal is well balances and ridged. With encoders enables motor power is more of less off, indicating good balance.

    This is confusing, any suggestion?
  • Have you performed the complete basic setup on correct order, especially the motor auto Inverted.

    If yes, it sounds you may have some strange settings and better erase EEPROM and set everything up from the start again. You may want to save your settings before that, but set everything again in detail following the instructions.

    if you can count the magnets = poles.

    Do not perform motor auto or change pole count after encoders are calibrated.

  • Thanks Garug
    I have built a few gimbals now, this is the first Encoder version I have done. This is the first time I have seen anything like this. I have always used the manufactures specs for pole number, 14 in this case.
    I will start from scratch as I have a new issue now. When the camera faces down, 70 degrees the stabilization on Pitch stops and I cant go any further (set to 90). The motor is being powered full (from I see from the GUI) but there is little power in the motor. I can move the camera easily then it is at 70 degrees down. odd