• I have a strange problem on one of my computers. The serial data from the gimbal to the GUI is running really slowly it is delayed by a few seconds and as a result the GUI is unusable. I have reinstalled the silicon labs drivers but the problem is still there.
    The Computer is running Windows 10 has anyone ant suggestions
  • Same problem here, tried 3-4 boards.
    But with HC-05 module there is no delay, only when using USB. Very strange.
    It is also Windows 10.
  • We all have the same issue. What could be wrong?
  • Hello, as far as I know, it is pretty fresh problem caused by the latest update of CP210x drivers by Silicon Labs, that has the issue with slow data rate and delays. The solution is to install the older version of drivers 6.7.2

  • Thanks that worked a treat
  • Its good thing to know. Pretty clear up this issue ahead of time to ensure product reliability. Thanks for the info though.