yaw drift - which setting to correct it?
  • Hi all,
    I´m new to this forum, but have dealed with brushless gimbals now for quite some time.
    My newest acquisition is a cameTV optimus.
    In profile3 which should have all three axes fixed, I´m still getting a yaw drift that is around 45° in 4minutes. So it takes around 32min for a full 360° rotation. Way to much to neglect.
    Is there any setting I can finetune to correct for this drift?
    Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  • Do you have a joystick, is it calibrated, is the dead band big enough.

    How is the gyro calibrated. the gimbal must be completely still when it is calibrated. If it is calibrated during startup, the gimbal must be steady during the startup.
  • Thanks, Garug. I´ll check all your suggestions. First and foremost I didn´t calibrate the joystick.