User manual lacking information
  • Idea is to have more detailed information about mavlink connection and some other stuff
    I am posting few things that was not able to find in the manual and on the forum nobody mention them so far
    I am referring to a flying gimbal connected to apm fc trough mavlink. While developer mention mavlink as "work in progress" aome of the existing functions are not well explained or they are non existent

    1. when connected to fc ,ahrs ok, does one need to setup fc gains ?
    2. will in flight pid tunning will also tune lpf ? worth trying ?
    3. setting or no rc control inputs does not have any effect. Fc will override those
    4. fc vibration level are already logged, can this information be translated in lpf ?
    5. acc limititation can be used from fc?
    6. if following fc speed is set to a value why pid tunning does not respect does values and angles ?
    (vibration dampening also affects pid and overall precision and stability, if auto pid does not consider those what is the point)
    7. using encoders manual, specifies that all axes must have encoders installed, still in the encoder gui menu some check boxes appears
    "disabled" and "skip auto detection" are those useful ? 2.6x manual does not mention that
    8. on encoder version of firmware can one use encoders only on selected axes ?
    9. frame misalignment function is taken into consideration for trajectory calculation or is just informative ?
    10. lpf measured in what ? supposed they are hz, not mentioned in current manual. Some ranges of this value ?
    11. manual specifies that for flying gimbal one must raise it above his head with the motors spinning and somehow have the gimbal connected to pc monitoring values (are you kidding?)
    12. when connecting to fc trough mission planner beside apm parameters , gs software will pull few parameters from basecam board (lpf.. ???) what are those and where can be found ?
    13. maybe a separate user manual for aerial setups

    I do appreciate the time and effort of the developer, still if the new improvements are not explain in details we, not so educated people in this field can only guess what is all about.
    Some of this questions where addressed as support tickets, maybe there are others trying to figure them out