Ok next problem Pitch is going crazy
  • I have solved the gyro and accelerometer calibration issue but on to the next problem. I have calibrated the Roll Axis and the Yaw axis and they work well. The gyro keeps steady and returns to the previous position. Now when i apply any power to the Pitch, It automatically makes the gimbal go erratic and lose its place. It tries to roll over. everything begins to shake and rotate and i have to unplug and reconnect the gimbal to set the stored setting again. Any ideas why this happens? Thank you.
  • Most likely problems with basic settings. You should do all the axis basic setup at the same time.
  • Ok. I will do the setup once more. Thank you
  • Garug, By basic setup do you mean the 6 point calibration on both IMUs?
  • No, the calibration is not hat important, one point calibration will work fine to set up the gimbal. Please see the users manual for Basic Setup and this might help too. http://www.levitezer.com/blog/files/archive-may-2016.html
  • Ok so I've looked at the tutorials on tuning and my gimbal still goes berzerk when I add power to the pitch motor. As i have watched multiple tutorials i notice that the side gauges for orientation seem to have the red dot and small blue arrow at the 12 o'clock position along with the white arrow. After calibrating my imu's, both my yaw and roll are at the 12 o'clock position but my red dot on my pitch seems to stay at either the 3 or 9 o'clock. What am I doing wrong?
  • Probably basic setup.

    - is the imu orientation set correctly for all IMUs in use.

    - Is the motor inverted set with the auto and motor poles corrected manually.

    - Is the gimbal mechanically ok and balanced.

    There is small change that you have broken motor or IMU or something else, It could also be the PID tuning, but more likely some shortcuts done on the basic setup.

    The basic setup needs to be performed exactly as instructed. No thinking, no shortcuts, just following the instructions.
  • Garug, i have a question, how would i know that i have a bad motor?
  • If the motor does not rotate smoothly/evenly or if the resistance between each phase is not the same, you need to measure it with Ohm meter, between all 3 phases. disconnect first from the board.