Stop suddenly
  • Hi guys,

    I introduce myself, I'm a young Belgian student in engineering so my English is bad but my mathmetical are good (joke).

    I have just bought a gimbal on Aliexpress (because student never have money) and when I received it, 3 wires were cutted... So, I try the gimbal with a lipo 3S 11.4V and it work fine with one axis. I solder the wire (a kind randomly) and the two axis worked fine. I just manipulate the gimbal and enjoy it and when I reboot it, it suddenly didn't work... First step, a motor didn't work fine, so I try to setting it with the SimpleBGC GUI, I have a connexion at this step. Second step, the motor wihch was working make a high frequency noise and didn't work anymore... I have no more connexion in the GUI but my computer reconize it without problem. I already tried to flash the board but the basic error : "avrdude stk500_getsync() not in sync resp=A0x00 gimbal". I only have the red light and other led don't blink anymore... All parts are disconnected.

    I don't know if my product is a true product and not a counterfeit... I send you pictures and I hope we will find a solution ! It's incredible how in one hour the gimbal work and not work...


    Thanks with advance!