Big Torque
  • Happy New Year to all

    Well... now is developed a big mother board, BaseCamBGC Pro, but my question is: where can I find a big torque motor to carry an Alexa STX Plus? Somebody can help me please?
  • It much depends how much you are ready to do your self or ready to pay. You could rewound some + 5kw brushless motor, or look for industry/military grade motors.

    The first cost some 300 euros each, but will be a real pain to do, the second one will cost you some 3000 euros each.

    My advice is, look for 28 or less poles and 3 to 6 ohms.

    In any case you will need a strong frame and that system will be heavy.
  • Thank Garug again for your answer

    The frame that we are designing is strong, carbon fiber tubes (3mm wall) and aluminum alloy 3-5mm wall), we don´t use like hand gimbal, we will use like crane gimbal (remote head)

    If I send you a motor manufacturer link (pdf brochure) can you please check if that ones works?

    Thanks in advance
  • Sure, I can take a look, but finally you need to test, there is so many things that affect in addition the obvious ones.
  • Here is the link of TECNOTION, it is a direct downloadable pdf file, the motor model is QTR-A-160-34 (page 13)

    Once again, THANKS
  • Tenesor try GBM100, GBM110, GB85, GB90 , GBM8017 , GBM8036 , GBM8028 here what proven to works with encoder even better!
  • That motor has 36 poles, it could be fine, but less poles would probably provide smoother operation (but less tongue on same size) It is 5.45 ohms, but they say "Coil Resistance per Phase" I am not 100% what that means. if it is the actual coil resistance then it affects if the coils are connected in triangle or star. I assume it is the actual resistance you see when measuring any two phases.

    The max current is 7.3 A that would reguire 42 Volts. the Pro board can handle only 25V, so you will not get the full peak tongue, but it should provide pretty good tongue.

    I would contact the company that manufactures those motors and tell about your aplication and ask how they see it suited.

    I would probably look into the lower pole count options they have.

  • AOPEN3434 the motors that you are talking about can support 25 Kg (55 pounds)
  • 25 kg camera+lens will need big, really big motors.

    For very basic stabilization smaller motors will work, if axis move free and there is nothing binding, but if there is any external forces like wind and if it need to be turned fast, you really need a lot of torque.

    Planing to build such gimbal, it really would be good to have experience of building much smaller gimbals first (I hope you have). There is a reason such huge stabilized camera heads cost a lot.

    This is mine big gimbal, It can take up-to 10 kg camera systems and maybe a bit more comfortably.