The internal reference of PIC18F
  • I am currently in the middle of migrating a project from PIC16LF1947 to a PIC18F87K22
    (Reference: http://www.kynix.com/uploadfiles/pdf65976/PIC18F87K22-I2fPT_606726.pdf)as I am in need of extra GPIOS and the PIC18 part fits the bill. There is one thing that is nagging me right now is the internal ADC reference of the PIC. The PIC16LF has an internal bandgap reference.

    It is nice in the sense that it lets you program the internal reference in increments of 1.024V. Now, the PIC18F has an internal bandgap reference too, but the datasheet is not divulging too much information. I spoke to the MCHP tech support and it was futile. At this point I would like to know how to set the internal BGR for my ADC conversions.