Is there any way to controll SimpleBGC over USB instead of using joistick or PWM from RC
  • Basically the title says it all. I'm wondering if there is any way possible that the SimpleBGC could be controlled over USB. Let's say that I have a Windows/Linux application that would point my cameara on gimbal in certain direction according to a specific criteria. I know about scripting, but that is more or less static code that is executed without PC. Not sure about ScriptAPI. I would need to actively control Yaw and Pitch from my PC over USB.
  • Serial API works over USB. You have full control of the gimbal over it.
  • I have a v1.0 board using GUI 2.2 b2. I want to program it to move a 2-axis gimbal according to a program in the PC (move camera in a circle). I'm very new to programming and don't have a clue how to set up the Serial API and what to use to write the software. I'd like to use Python as I have been studying it. I'm asking for some basic info on how to get started.
  • 2.2b2 is much limited, you should at least update that to latest 8 bit FW (assuming you have original BaseCam board)

    You can use also RC inputs to control the gimbal.

    There is examples to use the Serial API, but there is certain steps you need to take. If you want to program system that commands gimbal over Serial API, you need to have a controller that supports that, use correct Serial API specification for the FW you have loaded, make the serial HW connection, be able to implement the SW using Serial API...