Activating 3rd axis (Yaw)
  • Hi, I recently aquired a two axis gimbal set up, and all works fine. Looking at the circuit board, it is fully populated with components for the third (yaw) axis, other than the connector., so I thought I would try expanding to three axis. I have fitted the connector required and attached a third motor to the connection. However, I don't seem to be getting any power out on the 3rd axis pins. Running GUI V 2.2, the yaw sensor seems to be working, as the 'compass' display tracks movement. In the advanced Tab, I have tried to activate the yaw function in the motor outputs, but the only option is 'external board' which mine isn't (all three axes are on the main board). When Yaw external board is activated, I do get the on the home screen to configure the third axis, but as I say, I just don't seem to be getting power out. I have checked the yaw motor by testing it on one of the other axes, and it is fine. Any ideas? Thanks, Phil
  • Hello,
    Could you make some photos of your control board and place here?
    thank you.
  • Note that the two connectors top left and extreme left on top on the second picture are the ones I have added
  • Hello,
    On your photos Chinese imitation of our 8bit control board.
    8bit board can drive third axis only with Yaw exp board.
    As you see YAW exp. board has some connections of printed conductors: http://ybex.com/d/jl0gwydubctaujhqfgsbsh6r5g5q10q94monm0ef.html
    But we can't say clear whether the operate third axis.