usb damage
  • While setting up a BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Controller, I fried two usb ports on my computer. This is what happened:
    1. I connected the board with USB - fine. Changed the PID values as per Step-by-step setup sequence to get things running.
    2. Enabled 12V power supply. Motors start spinning, drawing ~90mA @ 12V total.
    3. Switched off supply, interface became unresponsive. Later noticed USB port was broken, did not get any notifications on computer that indicated device was consuming too much power. Looked up the port spec, should be good up to 2.0A, far more than what the motors would draw @ 5V.
    4. Tried some other ports with power supply off, those did work
    5. Measured the 5V regulator voltage on the board with only 12V supply on. Oscilloscope read a steady 5.12V, no visible ripples. No reverse voltage spikes when turning off the supply while the motors were still spinning.
    5. Played around some more making sure the port was disconnected BEFORE the power supply was turned off.
    6. Plugged in the USB without 12V supply on - second port was fried.
    7. Tried yet another port and verified the motors were actually off when USB was plugged in with the 12V supply turned off.

    Did I miss some crucial information on the connection order? I don't think anything I did should have broken the ports.. Also I am sure I did not 'touch' any 5V power pins/planes with a 12V lead on accident. I set the overcurrent protection to 300mA on the 12V supply and it never kicked in. I did not see any spikes in current consumption anyways while the motors were powered.
  • update:

    Yesterday I tried resetting the monitors that the BCG was plugged in to factory settings, disconnected AC chord and USB conn. to my PC, then replugged everything. While it did not have any effect then, just for good luck I tried again this morning and the ports sprung back to life. I'm puzzled, did anybody have a similar issue?

    I doubt there is any physical harm to the ports now, maybe some driver issue?
  • Hello,
    Could you make a photo of your control board in high resolution and place it here?
    Where did you get that board?
    thank you.
  • I guess if the If the USB charging port is malfunctioning or defective then it is must be replace it but in case of camera it is serviceable. First, first you need to fix the issue but if it is found that both the parts are damaged then there are no other way but to replace the USB charge port. Otherwise, the best option is to have it check by a camera technician.