• I have a problem with the latest beta and Yaw axis. In case of impacts or to hard movements the Yaw axis recenters always counter clockwise.
    I am using Pixhawk serial connection and 2 I2C IMUs (Second above Yaw).
    When it "recenters" it moves nearly 360 degrees counter clockwise and not only a few degrees clockwise.
    Any Ideas?
  • Hello, Grefor.

    We will add this problem to the bug-list of 2.61, thank you.
    If it is possible, can you shoot a short video of this weird behaviour?
  • Hi Alex,
    sorry for the delay. I found it not very helpful to send a video....
    In the meantime I found my problem:
    I am not sure if its a bug or a self made issue:
    I set up the offsets (Follow Mode/Advanced tab) automatically and enabled "Apply offset correction when axis is not following".
    Both functions gave me the problem. If I leave the offsets "0" and "..offset correction ..." disabled, all works fine.
    Maybe its worth to take a look at the auto offset function?
  • Hi Alex,
    with some further tests .... I was on the comepletly wrong way:
    Thats was no recenter problem.
    There is a problem with Mavlink when the orientation of the copter went above magnetic south:
    When I disable mavlink all is fine.
    Problem is also that in one of 10 reboots the problem does not exist.
    For me its very hard to understand.
    Cheers Gregor
  • Maybe you can give me a hint how to log the problem?
    I enabled logging in the gui but I don´t think there are the needed data in there.
    When I move the gimbal over magnetic south the yaw went to the other direction and tries a 360 degree turn.
    Forgot to say that i am using the latest firmware 2.62b3
    Cheers Gregor