I have the beholder ec1...
  • In my gimbal ,the firmware's version is 2.61b0(checked with SimpleBGC_GUI_2_60b4).Why in this site I see the last is 2.60b4?I don't think I have to upgrade my beholder ec1 with 2.61b0(it should a downgrade,i think!).And after 2.61b0 are there others new versions?thanks
  • Hello,
    On you website you can see only the GUI versions.
    Latest firmware is 2.60b4.
    Latest beta version of firmware is 2.61b8.
  • If you want the GUI that corresponds to the firmware you have, you can find it at http://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/SimpleBGC_GUI_2_61b0.zip

    By the way, BaseCam is very consistent on their naming conventions, so if you are looking for a different GUI version, just change the version number in that URL. Also, just a note that on some of the beta firmware versions, there isn't a new GUI version. In that case, try dropping the version by one or two beta versions. For example, the most recent beta version of the firmware is 2.61 b8 (last I checked), but there is no GUI with that number. The most recent GUI can be found at http://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/SimpleBGC_GUI_2_61b7.zip

    Hope that helps.