Yaw won't turn past certain point, shakes and twitches.
  • I'm new here, so hi everyone!

    My problem is with the yaw axis (3-axis 32bit AlexMoss board). I've looked through the forum and nothing quite matches the issue I'm experiencing...

    Settings are: PIDs (r25, 0.7, 55; p12, 0.5, 25; y30, 0.3, 45), power (r100, p150, y170) number of poles (18). Follow yaw is off.

    Yaw has no limiting settings but there is a point in it's travel that it stops and bounces back, as if the gimbal had hit something; it then judders around that point until I tell it to come back to neutral. It won't go past that point. This happens in both directions from neutral, and none of the settings seem to make any difference. I've re-calibrated the PIDs and power so many times I've lost count :) The min/max angle settings are 0, so why is it stopping? I've posted a video (650mb, 10min) at

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/awg15igfo02zjf3/Kryss Eamer001.mp4?dl=0

    I've sent a query to the Support section but haven't heard back yet... If anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful, I've been stuck with this for months.