Follow Yaw issue
  • 32bit board, GUI 2.60b4

    I had to replace roll and pitch motor, now my gimbal is working again.

    However i have a problem which I hadn´t before. When I use follow yaw and turn the gimbal, the roll axis won´t stay leveled and will go t a very crooked angle. This happens on both sides left and right. It happens also when I turn the yaw axis left / right with the joystick.

    Is this a calibration issue ? I use camera and frame IMU below yaw, I did calibrate both but only in 1 axis. On my last setup I did use 6 axis calibration, now I did not, because some people said better not to use it. Is it worth doing 6 axis calibration?

  • It sounds like it might be a calibration issue. 1 point calibration is ok to set the gimbal working, but when it is working better perform 6 point calibration.

    Also gyro calibration is important. make sure that the gimbal is completely stationary when it is performed. If you use it on different temperatures, temperature calibration is advised.
  • thanks a lot, I´ll do that then!