YAW not holding in Follow Mode and not responding in RC Mode
  • Hello,
    I've managed to get my32bit system operating quite well on my Multirotor except for some issues with my YAW Axis.

    - The first issue I've run into is that the YAW Axis will not hold a forward alignment with the Multirotor Frame after performing any YAW+ROLL Maneuvers with the craft in Follow-YAW mode.
    If just preforming a slow turn on the YAW axis, the Gimbal will recover to a pointing forward, but if there is any type of rapid YAW and ROLL movement, the Gimbal will not return all the way forward and will point off to the side or wherever it was aiming during the movement.
    Trying to reverse the maneuver can sometimes get the gimbal pointing forward again, but not always and it normally only lasts until the gimbal is off axis again.

    - The 2nd issue is that I've tried to activate an RC Channel to control the YAW axis thinking that I could at least use a knob to re-center the gimbal instead of maneuvering the craft to reset the forward position. However, the YAW Motor/Axis will not respond to any RC input when I set up the channel mapping. I have the Gimbal Pitch set up on an RC channel and it works fine, but when I activate and assign a channel for the YAW, nothing works.
    I've tried a few things tha I've read here on the forum but nothing seems to work and it appears that others have similar issues.
    The YAW on my 8bit 3axis board works great... I would've thought this would be a similar if not better setup.

    Here is the breakdown on my system's setup:
    And before anyone asks/comments... YES I have balanced the gimbal well. I even have a slip-ring on the YAW motor to avoid any wire tangles.

    BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Controller running off a 4S Lipo
    Camera IMU mounted on the bottom of the camera mount
    Frame IMU mounted on the YAW Arm, Below the YAW motor and Above the ROLL motor.
    All 3 Axis have iPower GBM5208H-200T motors which are 14pole
    I'm trying to fly a Sony Nex-5 Camera on an iPower Eagle Eye gimbal

    I'm running the controller S-BUS:
    - RC_VIRT_CH_10 would control YAW from a 2nd Control Knob on my TX (Not set up right now as it never worked)
    - RC_VIRT_CH_11 controlling Pitch from a Control Knob on my TX
    - RC_VIRT_CH_12 runs PWM Output on Servo3 for my Camera Trigger
    - FC_Roll and FC_Pitch are connected and set up from a DJI A2 Flight Controller

    Here are my settings from the GUI:

    photo 32Bit_BasicSettings_zps5lqfzvkq.jpg

    photo 32Bit_AdvancedSettings2_zpsavo41kvd.jpg

    photo 32Bit_AdvancedSettings1_zpsnppelmet.jpg

    photo 32Bit_RCSettings1_zpsllvnduam.jpg

    photo 32Bit_RCSettings2_zpsubn36htw.jpg

    photo 32Bit_FollowSettings_zpscxobtjqb.jpg

    Any Help with these YAW issues would be most appreciated!
  • Your Yaw D is at its limit. Set gain multiplier bigger on advanced for yaw and retune. set the multiblyer big enough so that after retuning D is less than 255. Try 2 and divide PID values by 2 and retune.

    You have frame IMU, you should not need estimate frame angles from motors. I am not sure what Use Frame IMU if possible does, try without it.

    Try limiting acceleration under RC.

    you may want to considered follow potentiometer or encoders.
  • In the Gains Multiplier settings, should I leave the Outer P for YAW set at 100?


    "You have frame IMU, you should not need estimate frame angles from motors. I am not sure what Use Frame IMU if possible does, try without it."

    The description for "Use Frame IMU, if possible" setting in the GUI is as follows: "This option uses angles detected by 2nd (frame) IMU as a control source in the Follow Mode which makes it more reliable. If not set, declination angles are estimated from magnetic field which may lead to loose of position when motors loose sync."

    When it says "Magnetic Field" I assume it's referring to estimating frame angles from the motors.
    If I disable the "Estimate frame angles from motors" option, wouldn't I want to use the "Use Frame IMU, if possible" option?

    If both settings are disabled, what sensor does the system use to calculate the frame position/angles? I'd assume the FC Pitch and Roll Inputs but that wouldn't provide a YAW position?

    "you may want to considered follow potentiometer or encoders."

    I'm really trying to not add anymore equipment to this rig. If I knew I would have needed to build out extra sensors, I probably would have spent the money one a pricier system that already had such sensors built in.

    Like I said earlier, my 8bit 3 Axis gimbal holds YAW with no problem. A 32bit system shouldn't have any issue once tuned properly.
  • "In the Gains Multiplier settings, should I leave the Outer P for YAW set at 100?"

    They are more for RC response...