Cannot tune Yaw Axis
  • hi, i did everything as it is. but wen I try to tune yaw the controller starts beeping and the msg shows "Serial data corrupt, Emergency Stop". Can u plz help with this issue. for auto motor configuration the yaw value is 211. but with this it starts shaking alot. and during tunning emergency stop occurs. Roll and Pitch are tuned.
    wen its yaw starts rotating it suddenly beeps.

  • Put Manually Yaw PID 30, 0.1, 20 , does it work at all, if not experiment with some different values. After you get it holding somehow try auto tuning starting from those values.

    But before you do anything, verify that your yaw is well balanced.

    Also remove the adaptive PID tuning while tuning, you can activate it later on if you want/need.

  • Also, be sure that you enter correct number of poles. AUTO function for motor direction works great but can screw up number of poles value. Enter manually number of poles, it is most likely 14.
  • Wen ever i try to auto tune controller starts beeping until i switch it off.
  • Good point, likely all the poles are wrong. Maybe they are 14 pole motors?
  • Tune it manually first as said above.

    And ensure all basic settings are correct, it will not work otherwise.
  • Also wen I'm tunning yaw it rotates full. Is this normal. Also bcouz of this some wires get disconnected wen it rotates full.
  • You really need to start from the basic settings. They must be correct.
  • I believe I'm not doing it right. Can u plz provide me any link for the settings and tunning. I bought it week ago. Still not able to tune it.
  • First see the basic settings. The manuals are on the top bar of this page, there is also tuning videos that could be helpful.
  • Ok now i did whole process again. Still same. Yaw is vibrating but its moving freely. Pitch and roll are steady good with the movements. Also the yaw is rotating to either right or left. But not center. I also did the auto settings but no improvements in the movement.
  • It is always possible that you have faults motor etc. Or the gimbal construction is not solid enough etc.
  • I was holding the whole gimbal just by top grip. Wen i start holding it with the top frame the yaw automatically got straight facing. I think thats may b the fault as everyone is using gimbal stand. Going tonget one today. Lets see.
  • Hold the gimbal during tuning as you will normally hold it during operation.