Mavlink problem
  • Hello, we are having problems (big ones) using mavlink. We connected the board to ardupilot using mavlink and everything checks ok on the gui, all mavlink parameters are coming in as they should.

    Problems start to appear in flight. The gimbal is not as stable as it was before and it looks like it is stuck in a kind of strange follow mode.
    Strange thing is that the follow mode it is stuck in doesn't work correctly, it kind of make the yaw axis jump and rebound on corrections. Even moving the gimbal on the bench can be clearly seen that the yaw axis misbehaves as if mavlink was sometimes counter correcting what the gimbal is doing. The result is an extremely lo performance yaw axis and more jumpy picture than what we can have with mavlink disabled.

    Wrote to support about our prob but never got an answer back from them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.