WIELDY SWIFT C no Funciona.
  • Good evening, I would like some help I bought this Gimbal DSLR "Wieldy SWIFT C" and I can not calibrate.
    SimpleBCG you try but do not succeed and now I engines fails.
    video attached error.

    if I could help I would appreciate it.

    Rodolfo Solis



    Buenas noches, me gustaria un poco de ayuda he comprado este Gimbal para DSLR "WIELDY SWIFT C" y no logro calibrarlo.
    le intente con SimpleBCG pero no lo logre y ahora me falla los motores.
    adjunto video del error.

    si me podrian ayudar se los agradeceria.

    Rodolfo Solis

  • You must hold the gimbal from the handle when PID tuning.

    Before PID tuning the basic setup must be correct.
  • now I have another problem, the giroescope or acerelometro does not work.
    I try to calibrate manual mind but to move the ginbal in any direction does not detect the SimpleBGC.
  • Sounds that you might have a broken cable or bad connection.