connecting encoder to the board??? need help
  • hi, i want to connect my 6208 motor with encoder to the board i just bought.
    here the picture:


    i can't find any port or pin to connect the encoder cable. Where should i connect the encoder? Just wondering did i bought the wrong board?
    Seriously need some advices because i'm totally to this
  • It looks pretty obvious, you can not connect the connector you have on that encoder directly to the board you have.

    Maybe it is possible to connect them to the connector on right, but you need to make adapter cable etc.

    Also note, you will need encoder FW.

  • @garug, thanks for replying. btw the video tutorial you made on levitizer is very helpful for newbie like me to understand the process to make brushless gimbal, keep up the great job.

    i consider to buy a new board, like this one:


    there is "encoder version" printed on the case, but i didn't find any dedicated port or pin to connect the encoder.
    can you please give me some advice how to connect the encoder's cable to the board on the picture. On the connection diagram provided on this website, i can't know how to connect the encoder to the board.
  • I am glad you found the tutorial helpful.

    I do not know the linked board, but I am happy with the boards sold via the Store link on the top bar of this page. I am mostly using this one http://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc32bit/