DS1 Powers on but no motor function
  • Hey all! My DS1 will power on with green light but the motors do not function. There is also no startup sound that use to happen. I have tried changing the batteries but no luck. Anyone else know this issue or have a fix? please help!

    Software 2.60 b4
    Beholder DS1
  • Anybody experience the same issue or have a fix? Please :(
  • Hello, I am having the same problem. Did you resolve the issue and if so how?
  • Having same issue. I get green light but no motor functions.

    It was working few days ago i shot for a whole day, then left it on the shelf, today it wont power on. I changed batteries too. Green light no motors.

  • Some progress. I got the battery monitor to work on simlebgc and can set a value to calibrate, but it won't accept anything higher than 10. I want to set 11.1 (3x3.7v)
    I can set 9v but not 11.

    is that right? , anyway motors wont start
  • Just wanted to say that Ikan replaced the unit under warranty :-) I'm in Europe and sent it to Texas. Quick turnaround... New unit plus extra batteries. working great!