DYS Smart 3 Axis Gimbal - proper "I" values
  • Hi,
    I am using for over an year a DYS Smart 3 Axis GoPro gimbal with 8-bit legit firmware on it. (updated to the last version). The results were many times modest because of random microvibrations on random axis (poor propellers balance and maybe poor rubber dampers). I tried many, many settings but every time the "I" parameter for Pitch and Roll had to be large value, about 0.4 - 0.5 and starting with this, I adjusted P, D and power so the motors have enough power and there are no oscillations when no flying (later I'll post my settings).
    Searching the Internet I discovered that many DYS gimbal users set "I" for Pitch and Roll to very small values, under 0.1, that is too little for my gimbal, it just can't keep up with the external motion (me, shaking the frame, as in real flight). I can't get this, how can such a small value give good results with a small GoPro gimbal?
    What would be the proper "I" values for a relatively small GoPro sized axis gimbal?
    By "proper" values I mean values that give quick stabilization and the angle error seen on Alexmos GUI gauges would be under 0.5 degree. I noticed that slower stabilization (errors more than 0.5 degrees) is seen on recorded video.