Pitch axis motor problem
  • I have problems getting working PID values for pitch axis. The motor ticks erratically between the poles, no matter if I have high or low PID. Also the motor does not get hot, even if I crank up power to 255 and at maximum P. Roll and Yaw axis work fine. The motor auto tune finds crazy values for poles, so I always set it manually to 22.

    I also get repeated "serial data corrupted" errors, also on cables that worked fine before.

    I work with iPower GBM5108-120T motors on Pitch and Roll Axis, and and iPower GBM5108-150T on Yaw with a Panasonic GH4. The Balance is 95% good, not 100% perfect by I was working fine with that balance for over 1 year. I had problems getting a different camera to work on this gimbal and since then I try to make it work again in my old setup. I bought a new official 32 bit board and also changed IMUs. Firmware is upgraded to 2.60b4 on board and GUI.

    Is there any way of checking the motors? Or any other explanation?

  • Addition: When I try to PID auto tune I get the error : emergency stop, tuning interrupted, risk of damage. Also only this motor finds incorrect number of poles when autotuned , the other two motors are correct.
  • Measure the motors with ohm meter, disconnect from board first. the resistance should be the same between all 3 pins. (do not move motor when measuring) measure also that non of the 3 pins has no connection to motor metal parts.
  • Thanks Garug,

    this seems to be the problem. I can measure a resistance between the middle and 1 outside pole, but nothing between middle and the other outside pole. I guess this means the motor is dead and has to replaced, or is there any way to repair this?

    thanks a lot again!
  • You could open the motor and see, nothing to loose on that if you have to replace it anyway. If you find a broken wire you can possibly fix it, but it requires soldering skills.
  • Thanks,
    I did open it, but could not get to the cables. The stator sits very firm on the housing and the cables go in underneath, so I can´t see if anything is loose. Too bad, soldering wouldn´t be a problem. Do you know how to move the stator of the housing?
  • It can not be removed. Look the soldering joints, most likely at the connector, but there is other point also where 3 cables are soldered together.
  • Thank you very much for your help! I can not get to the connection points, so ordered a new motor. Hope this solves the problem.
    And also thanks for your great tutorials, they are very helpful.
  • Thanks, it is good to hear you found them useful.