Simple BGC not connecting to Pilotfly FunnyGo
  • Hi everyone,

    I installed SimpleBGC to tune my PilotFly FunnyGo. After getting the message about updating the board's firmware, I tried to "check" for latest version. That did not work because of some Java error, so I installed the firmware that came packed with the SimpleBGC software. I was encouraged when I got a "successful" message on that install, but ever since that moment, my FunnyGo does not work at all (LED comes on when powered up, but stabilization does not) and SimpleBGC will not connect to the device. I do get a positive connection sound from the computer when I plug in the USB, but SimpleBGC does not find it. (I do point to the proper COM port, and I am using a good USB cable.)

    What did I do here and how do I fix it? Please help...