on encoder installation
  • hello. I want to measure all the 3-axis angle of gimbal axes in real time and also have enough torque for secure stabilization.
    So I am planning to install encoder. Yaw axis rotates more than 360 deg.
    - The manual says AS5600 is the only way for such application. But I can not find the product of SBGC32_I2C_Drv expansion board. Where can I get it ?
    -What kind of interface is available to get the angles in real time?

    Thank you.
  • See the Serial API under Manuals above.

    More than 360 is ok with any Encoder as long as you do not use slip rings. The limitation then is how long cable you have, and it is also possible to build everything, including battery below yaw, and then yaw has no rotation limitation.
  • Thank you Garug.
    I found the explanation in the serial API. I will try it.

    As for encoder installation, I will use slip ring so the wiring problem is OK.

    I wonder if where I can get SBGC32_I2C_Drv expansion boards for AS5600. The manual says if 3 AS5600s are conected using I2C, the expasion board is required. My understanding is correct? And is it for sale?

    Or if you have recomendation for encoder choice, please let me know.

    Thank you.