Semiconductor can be better than a conductor?
  • Your product is intended for office, classroom, or bedroom and a clicking relay disturbs? – we have a solution for you.
    In your device it switches all the time? Often too much? – we have a solution for you.
    Do you rush? Don´t have a time to wait until an armature of electromagnetic relay gets back? - we have a solution for you.

    We have for you a solid state relay Finder series 41.81 in two versions:

    Model is with a transistor output and it is suitable for switching of DC loads up to 5A/ 24Vdc.

    Model is with a triac output and it is suitable for switching of AC loads up to 3A/ 240Vac.

    For controlling, it is necessary to use 24VDC and a current only 9mA. They can be inserted directly into PCB, into a PCB socket, or into a holder for DIN rail, while a DIN rail holder is available with a screwless or a screw terminal socket. At the height of only 15.7 mm they don´t require too much space in your device. Solid state relays are in many applications able to replace electromechanical relay. Their advantages shine mainly there, where are high demands for often switching, short switching times, constancy of parameters in a switched on statement, noiselessness and reliability.

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