Pitch axis angle limited after encoder activation
  • Hi, I do have a nice working gimbal with +10° over horizon und -90 degree below horizon setting for pitch.
    When activating the paid encoder version everything looks nice - have done this often before onsimilar systems - but...the pitch axis is no longer able to move more than -50 degree below horizon. Power consumption is growing, bt no more than -50 degree. When deactivating encoder everything is fine again. Changed sensor and motor already, but always the same..
    Any idea someone?
  • Something is not correctly set up. Redo encoder calibration first, ensure from realtime data that encoders work ok.
  • The encoders do definitely work ...tested meanwhile 3 different motors...2 different 32 bit BGC`s with its sensors...changed all cables...just the power source and the wooden desktop are the still the same..and the idiot sitting in front of it.
    That does not make any sense...I ran out of ideas..sorry, spent the complete day with that gimbal.
    I already did a few rigs before with exactly the same configuration and all worked.
    Power consumption is increasing at 50 degree ..but I dont know why...there is no blockage ..nothing mechanical that stops movement. Time for some beers now!